In the first days of the holiday, on June 22 and 23, we are waiting for you in Dumbrava Vlăsiai, for an authentic sensory experience, to enjoy the most spectacular flowers together with growers and landscapers passionate about beauty, gifted musicians, rhythm creators and harmonies, and above all, alongside well-known muralists who reconsider their perspectives in a happening assumed by street art.

The seasons change, but Dumbrava remains the same unique, wonderful, immaculate place.


Season 2

A Radio Romania Cultural project supported by Dumbrava Vlăsiei

To understand who we are and what our current cultural commons are, we look to the past for landmarks, human typologies, people who have influenced the world, the worlds.

Barefoot through Dumbrava

This is your home, your oasis of peace, the ideal place to meet wonderful and generous people and share your vision.

Do you have a unique home design and do you want a civilized place to live in harmony with yourself and those around you?

You choose a lot from the available ones, you come up with a house concept, a project, we supervise it and you can start!



We thank all those who crossed our threshold during the events held in Dumbravă. We look forward to seeing you again. Follow us on social media to keep up with the surprises in store.

Dumbrava Vlăsiei is a systematized settlement with a clear urban plan, with a set of rules of urbanism and conduct that maintains the comfort and well-being of present and future residents.

Each plot of land has the necessary infrastructure to start building your own home: paved roads, electricity, water, sewerage, fiber optic connections, security and sanitation services.


Can I come with my house project?


Can I build on my own or with a specific company?