We hereby wish to inform you, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, on how to LORECO INVESTMENTS SRL, a Romanian legal person having its registered office in Com. Balotesti, Balotesti village, Dumbrava Vlasiei street no. 1 / A122, ground floor, room 1, Ilfov County, registered at Trade Registry Office under no. J23 / 2085/2017, having the Unique Registration Code 15901901 ("LORECO") processes your data with personalities for the following purposes:

  • Marketing and Advertising on the Dumbrava Vlasiei Residential Complex
  • to respond to requests submitted by you based on your rights law regarding the processing of your Personal Data.

LORECO processes your Personal Data under your consent.

For the purpose mentioned above, LORECO will process the following Personal Data of yours: name, surname, phone number and e-mail address.

Your personal data may be disclosed by LORECO to LORECO's lawyer, in case which is necessary for the exercise of a right or the enforcement of a right obligations what the Loreco is back as well as on demand.

Your personal data will be processed up to the exercise of the right to opposition or to withdrawal of consent, but no more than 3 years after the expression consent.

According to the GDPR provisions and under the terms of the GDPR, you have the following rights:

  1. Access to Your Personal Data - You may request that the Data be confirmed are your personal data processed by LORECO , and in the affirmative, you can request access to, and certain information about, them.
  2. to rectify your Personal Data - without undue delays, you can get the rectification of inaccurate personal data, and fill in the which are incomplete.         
  3. deleting your Personal Data (the "right to be forgotten") - in situations expressly regulated by law, you may obtain deletion by LORECO a of those Data.
  4. by restricting the processing of your Personal Data - in situations expressly regulated by law, you may obtain restriction of processing by LORECO of your Personal Data. Restricting processing means the fact that LORECO will be limited to storing Data your character personally and will not perform any other processing of these Data except with the consent you or in other specific cases expressly provided by law (mainly for establishing, exercising or defending a right in court or for the protection of another's rights natural or legal persons).
  5. by oppose the processing of your Personal Data - you can oppose any moment, for reasons related to your particular situation, processing of to LORECO your Personal Data in certain cases expressly provided by law (in particular, if processing is warranted interest legitimate LORECO ). If you exercise this right, LORECO will no longer process the Data your personal character unless he demonstrates that he has legitimate reasons compelling reasons that justify processing and that prevail over interests, rights and freedoms you or for the purpose of finding, exercise or defense of a right in court.
  6. de Portability of Your Personal Data - in expressly regulated situations by law (ie, only if the processing of Personal Data is made by LORECO by automated means and is legally based either on performance of a contract, or your consent), you can receive, in a formed structured, currently used, automatically readable, Your Personal Data which you have provided us with and you can request them data saddle or transmitted to another operator.
  7. For the exercise of any of the rights listed under a) - f). above, you can address to LORECO with a written request, dated and signed to the email address dcp@dumbravavlasiei.ro or by post to Com. Balotesti Balotesti village, Dumbrava Vlasiei street no. 1 /A122, parter, room 1, Ilfov County.
  8. By Submitting a Complaint - You can file a complaint before a Surveillance Authority the processing of the relevant Personal Data, compared to the processing method of Your personal data by LORECO . For Romania, the authority of competent oversight is the National Authority Surveillance of Personal Data Processing.