How do you become a Dumbrava resident

Premium plots and houses for sale

Here you are. In Dumbrava Vlăsiei. A residential development with a high quality infrastructure: water, electricity, fibre optic, sewage, security, paved roads.
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Properties sided by the park and the forest

A good place for your home

A vast oak forest surrounds Dumbrava Vlăsiei. However, we wanted more "green", more possibilities for the lots offered in Dumbrava. We wanted to create a "forest in the forest". That is why the park occupies over 30% of the development area, as it can be seen on the map.
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More green

The Park-The heart of the community

Dumbrava Vlăsiei boasts one of the most beautiful and extensive residential parks in Romania. With an area of over two hectares it features lime, maple and pine trees, fountains and rose gardens, a classic amphitheatre and children’s playground.
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Our vision


Our families, that have committed to build their future with us at Dumbrava Vlăsiei, are with us for the long term and know we have planning permission in the next phase of our housing development to bring onto the village all the local amenities that make a community cohesive.
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We invite you to the service area

Water / Energy / Communications

In Dumbrava Vlăsiei, we are building a residential project that uses sustainable technologies, guaranteed for the next 30 years, technologies already in operation and tested.
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How Dumbrava dream started

About the Developer / About Loreco Investments

Loreco is a family company whose owners have extensive experience developing residential sites in the UK. 10 years ago we had a vision to develop a high quality urban landscape in Bucharest.
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Policy and Regulations

Rules and regulations benefit the owners and provide security

We are ready to partner with customers who believe in our vision. We offer for sale plots of land that have all the services and we provide assistance in obtaining building permits and an urban certificate. Our regulations are designed to ensure clients that their future neighbours adhere to a code and guidelines that uphold quality.
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