Banca Transylvania has designed a preferential credit package exclusively for those who want to become part of the Dumbrava Vlăsiei community.

Banca Transylvania offers a mortgage lending facility at Dumbrava Vlasiei, for land purchase and/or for construction of the house.

For financing both land purchase and construction of house, a mortgage loan over a period of up to thirty years is available. 

A downpayment starting from 15% - 30% is required or alternatively an existing property maybe be used as collateral/guarantee. 

INTEREST rate of 5.01% PER YEAR. 

Compared to the standard interest rate of 5.61% per year (IRCC variable interest rate * + 2.65pp = 5.01% per year).

For land purchase only, Banca Transylvania offers a lending facility with personalised credit with a reduction of 1.00 pp compared to the standard offer.

Mortgage is for a period of up to thirty years. Minimum downpayment of 50% in lei. VARIABLE INTEREST rate 7.11% PER YEAR. Compared to the standard interest rate of 8.11% per year (IRCC variable interest rate * + 4.75pp = 7.11% per year)

*Interest was calculated based on IRCC reference indices at 6 months valid on 01.01.2020 (IRCC: 2.36%). The value of the reference indices is updated quarterly.

For more details you can access the link or contact Transilvania Bank Senior Adviser on Dumbrava Vlăsiei credit package.

Roxana Matei

Deputy Director of Retail

0374.848.009 | 0752.228.284

Banca Transilvania - Bucharest Nord Branch - First District - DN No. 43